A typical day starts at 9am when the children come in to the hall before posting their name in the self registration box in reception. They then sit on the carpet and say goodbye to their parents. We sing our welcome song followed by our days of the week and months of the year song. We then talk about any special events and go through our 'Topsy Golden Rules' before informing the children about any activities happening that day before we then go and play. The door to the garden is then opened and the children are allowed to free flow between inside or outside. We have free play, structured activities, snack time and tidy up time during the morning. We then go back to the carpet after our individual group times for story time and all sing our goodbye song before our children attending the morning only session leave at 12pm. Any children who stay for lunch club will then sit at the table and eat lunch with staff members. Meanwhile children attending the afternoon session will come and join us and start to play. We run a similar structure to the morning with lots of free play and structured activites in the afternoon before it's tidy up time and home time at 3pm when parents come and collect their children who are waiting patiently on the carpet for them.
We actively encourage healthy eating and always provide fresh fruit and vegetables from our local supplier as well as a choice of milk or water and a breadstick or cracker for morning snack time. We ask parents to bring healthy pack lunches for their children if they are staying for lunch.
We have a Summer Fundraising and sports morning whch is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to our summer leavers. We have Halloween and Easter walks in Wendover Woods, Christmas and Easter fundraising mornings and lots more going on throughout the year for parents and the local community to get involved with.
Where possible we encourage parents to come along and share their jobs or their culture with us. If you are interested in coming along and sharing something interesting we would love you to come and talk to us. Please contact us by phone or email, thank you.
Topsy Turvy Pre-School is a vibrant setting based at the village hall, in the heart of the community in Weston Turville, Bucks. The hall is a spacious airy and light area with separate toilet and entry area as well as having good car parking facilities. The hall and entrance are all on one level with disabled toilets ensuring it is accessible to all.
We offer a wide range of activities for the children. We have the 7 EYFS areas of learning set up every day with all sorts of fun ways for the children to enjoy learning. We run a structured activity every day that links to the theme we are investigating that week or term. We encourage children to have lots of free play so that they can learn social skills and lots of outdoor time for fresh air and to explore their local environment and learn about nature.
When children do something that is exceptional for them we like to share and celebrate it. We have WOW moments on our notice board so parents can share their children's latest achievements and we congratulate them during circle time on the mat with their friends.

We Educate through Play

Topsy Turvy Pre-School

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